Why Every Business Needs a Lawyer

Disputes are inevitable, and when they arise, they may cost you a lot. If you own a business, there are many reasons why you should seek legal counsel on a regular basis. Whether it is on matters related to taxation and the IRS, or simply to get advice on how to deal with your employees’ contracts. Not only will you save yourself the pressure of looking for an attorney when a problem arises, but you will also avoid some of the common legal mistakes businesses make. Below are some reasons why you should consider hiring the services of a business lawyer.

Ignorance of the law is not a defense

Most business owners, especially those just starting out, do not know the legal implications of owning a business. There are many legal issues involved, right from the requirements on registration to filing tax as a business entity. If you hire staff, labour law issues also arise and all these you need to address or face penalties. Sometimes, knowing what needs to be done, especially with laws constantly changing, can be frustrating and not realistic to do as a layman. This is where the services of a business attorney come in handy.

Legal representation

When business disputes arise, you need a professional with expert knowledge of business law to help you sort it out. Whether you do it in court or an out-of-court settlement, a good business lawyer can help you argue the law in your favor and win a case or even save your business. If you own a business in California, the team of business attorneys at Stone & Sallus Law is a good start. They are not only specialized in business law but they also have expertise in business litigation.

Legal counsel

Before interring business partnerships, selling your shares or even employing new staff, you may need to consult with a lawyer on the implications that come with such decisions. These may seem straightforward and purely business-related but the law comes into play in such situations too. A good business lawyer can give you useful advice to help you make a sound business decision that does not interfere with your compliance with the law.

Why Stone and Sallus Law?

If you own a business in California, choosing a local law firm for your legal needs is paramount. Our firm is experienced in the business laws and regulations of the state of California and we work with many businesses to discharge their legal obligations.

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